Friday, March 12, 2010

Globalization and the Media

Globalization and the Media.
The following is my response to the YouTube clip, Globalization and the Media, taking note of the reading, Theories of Global Media.

'The corporate media only tell you what they want you to know, not what the elite Globalists think you shouldn't'.
Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history and yet it is a feature in nearly every household. It is a member of the family.
The programming conditions people to a particular way of thinking and viewing the world using fear and manipulation.
Corporate media has become government controlled making propaganda the main objective. You could say that they are the gatekeepers of information, people can only see and hear their point of view.
This brings up the questions of, do people not think for themselves? Do the majority never question authority? Do they never think outside the box?
They have been manipulated at an early age and the reporters, anchors, journalists etc have become trusted to convey the truth. It is the sheep following the Shepherd.
In saying that, it is not true for everyone. Across the globe there has been demonstrations and revolt against the corporate media. People have been demanding back the right to a voice, to an opinion. For example, in London, workers became so frustrated with the BBC reporting that they took to streets in protest.
People need to learn how to report again, after the way they have been reporting over the last few months. They need to get out there and engage with the public and not report from a backroom or an office building. They have to get away from being the governments tools of propaganda, stop selling their souls to the devil.
As well as demonstrating, people have began to set up independent media outlets. This is to give the public a voice, give them a chance to gain all information, not just what the government want them to hear.
New technology has been a breakthrough, allowing access more easily available to people worldwide to gain and distribute all information and all opinions. Volunteer, independent media outlets are being set up and the use of camera and Internet has spread.
The first independent Media Centre was launched during the protests at the World Trade organization summit in Seattle. Their website became the trusted voice of the campaigners.
People need to know that the Mass Media does not hold all the control. You can make yourself heard.
For example, G8 Genova, 2001. The police said they did not fire rubber bullets at the protesters but according the footage caught on individual cameras, this was in fact false. The police had shot rubber bullets and they also used police brutality to break up the protest. The growing use of cameras, camera phones, Internet, seen to it that the truth was exposed.
But the truth was never broadcast on the television, or transmitted on the radio or published in the newspapers. It was the independent activists that posted it on the Internet, to show the world what really happened.
'The powerful against the Powerless'.
But has the Powerless finally found a way to overthrow those now in power?


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